The TruSteel Vision for Alcohol Recovery and Beyond


TruSteel, a California based company, have established themselves in the large-scale extraction industry with their innovative AutoVap™ Alcohol Recovery Systems. The AutoVap™ is transforming the capabilities of extraction while the vision of TruSteel continues to look forward with a focus on innovation, efficiency, precision, scalability, and quality. “By Extractors, for Extractors” developed into TruSteel’s slogan from their experience and expertise in the extraction industry. The passion and vision for a full end-to-end extraction solution developed from a necessity to break bottlenecks that are hindering large-scale manufacturers from reaching their goals. With a team of driven, innovative engineers working alongside strategic business partners, the TruSteel vision to provide an ever scalable, complete, large-scale solution that the extraction industry is yearning for has become a reality.

Innovation: A Tru team of engineers

The foundation of TruSteel lies on the ingenuity and forward thinking behind the technology being produced. “Our goal is to focus on innovating and scaling machinery in order to be a step ahead of the industry demands. If innovation stops, so does the vision.” says Ray Van Lenten, Chief Technology Officer of TruSteel. TruSteel fully accepts the responsibility to provide this ever-growing, expanding industry with the hardware and knowledge to meet large-scale capacities now and for the future.

Efficiency: The Tru determining factor in the extraction industry

The most important determining factor for a business, especially in manufacturing, is your ratio of work input to result output. TruSteel products and development hold efficiency at the top priority for the extraction industry. Lowering physical footprints by decreasing the amount of physical space needed to operate is just the beginning. Efficiency also means being aware of our environment by helping to keep our planet clean. TruSteel has taken a major role in focusing on alcohol extraction because of the efficiency, cleanliness, and overall scalability. By lowering recovery time while increasing the rate of recovery, TruSteel has truly innovated the alcohol recovery process of extraction.

If innovation stops, so does the vision. -Ray Van Lenten, CTO of TruSteel

Precision: Tru to Form

In the extraction industry, the term “parameters” holds a high place. TruSteel understands how important setting the right parameters, and keeping them, is. TruSteel has set a new standard in the alcohol recovery industry by introducing an on-board control panel which sets ideal parameters for alcohol extraction while keeping checks and balances throughout the entire operation. Higher quality with less waste is the solution behind the AutoVap™. With precise parameters and timing measures set, you can be rest assured TruSteel machinery is operating at ideal capacity while achieving all expectations of quality and control.

Scalability: Tru to Scale

One of the most loathed words in the extraction industry is “bottleneck”. Machines you buy today will become obsolete tomorrow. This is not the case when it comes to the vision and execution of TruSteel. By anticipating growth in the manufacturing industry, TruSteel has developed machinery that is able to grow with your business. The complete TruSteel vision and model is a full end-to-end solution that allows scalability with plug and play machinery that exceeds all expectations and capacities.

Quality: Show your Tru colors

At the backbone of the entire TruSteel mission and vision is quality. From high quality parts to high quality people, the name TruSteel has become a well received name in the extraction industry. The AutoVap™ alcohol recovery systems are just the beginning to showcasing how a quality company can improve an entire industry. TruSteel has not only been quickly developing internally with their own products such as the AutoVap™ falling film evaporators, but have also been making strategic partnerships with other leaders in the industry. “We’re excited about our latest ventures with new partners and truly feel our relationships will further advance a complete end-to-end solution to all facets of the extraction industry.” announces Hayden Tucker, CEO of TruSteel. You can contact TruSteel at (877) 541-9633 or visit for full product information, cutsheets, and pricing. Also, come visit TruSteel at the MJBizCon in Las Vegas, November 14-16, 2018. The AutoVap30AutoVap15, and The DR-10 will all be on display!

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