What are some ways in which Solvent Recovery can enhance your production process?

Here are a few advantages. 

How Can a Solvent Recovery system Improve your Production Processes? 

With the proper usage of a solvent recovery system, your facility can save thousands of dollars in waste disposal and purchasing new solvents. However, cost-savings is not the only advantage of solvent recovery. Ultimately, it will increase the efficiency and efficacy of your laboratory while allowing for sustainability. 

Reduction of Solvent Waste

Using a closed system under vacuum, losses from openly boiling solvent can be greatly reduced. Not to mention the safety factors of boiling off flammable solvents. Before solvent recovery systems were largely available to the average start up operation,  many people were “open blasting” butane through biomass and allowing the butane to evaporate leaving the finished product. In addition to the high cost of replacing the wasted solvent this lead to many news stories of unfortunate accidents that could have easily been avoided.  Furthermore, with solvent recycling, you have the ability to re-use the same solvent many times over. Over time this produces a significant decrease in the amount of waste generated.

Reduction in Costs of New Solvent

As mentioned in the previous section, recycling can reduce the need for new solvent. As recycling solvents make it easier to re-use what would otherwise be waste generated in production, production facilities save a significant amount of money. On average, it is estimated that the cost of a fractional distillation unit can be earned back in cost savings within the short span of two years or less. 

Simplification of Daily Tasks

A solvent distillation unit has the advantage of helping technicians go about their tasks with greater ease. Without the need to bring contaminated solvent to another location for disposal, these compounds can remain in the confines of your facility, reducing the transport cost and keeping operators on the job. Furthermore the on site storage area necessary for solvent storage can be much smaller reducing overhead and start up cost.

Better Space Management

Utilizing solvent processing systems that are appropriately sized for the task at hand reduces the overall square footage required to accommodate the recovery rate that could take multiple rotary evaporators. 

Lesser manpower is needed

Staffing is an issue that lab supervisors often crack their heads over. In modern laboratories, managers are always asked to make do with as little staff members as possible. This makes solvent distillation machines a viable option. These machines allow for fewer man-hours to achieve the same results. Less time is needed to purchase and dispose of used solvents. Being automated, they can also run without the supervision of technicians. In the best case, these recyclers require less than thirty minutes of handling. Essentially, once technicians are familiar with the operations of the recyclers, they can just press a button and spend their time doing other work. 

Improvements in Safety

As these recyclers operate in a closed system, they can protect your precious staff from harmful chemicals and explosive vapors. Designing vapor capture and ventilation systems around your solvent recovery process ensures safety is maintained.

To obtain a specific ROI calcutaion on how a TruSteel Solvent System can improve your operation — call us or email us today. 

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