TruSteel’s Guide to Scaling Up

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How To Scale Like a Pro

One of the biggest industry bottlenecks is footprint. As the process grows, so does the equipment, right? Not with TruSteel! We take pride in having the smallest footprint per throughput on all of our equipment. For example, our AutoVap 300 sits in the same 2D footprint as our biggest competitor’s 45/60 GPH unit. That’s 5X+ throughput than the other guys! It also translates to less money spent on building out bigger facilities when the time to upgrade comes.

A big factor for scaling is being able to use multiple solvents. We’ve had customers start their business just extracting crude oil with an AV15 and eventually upgraded to an AV30 and added distillation capabilities. When they started crystallizing cannabinoids with heptane, the AutoVap 15 was there to seamlessly process the mother liquor. They didn’t even need to change the seals out! When that customer eventually started using Acetonitrile for chromatography, the AutoVap again was the perfect tool of choice for solvent removal. By utilizing only PTFE, Stainless, and Borosilicate, the AutoVap is compatible with every solvent used in the cannabis industry, and then some.

When it comes to distillation, it’s difficult to achieve total compound removal, high purity, and a sufficient flow rate to not slow down operations. It’s one of the many reasons why the EVO series was designed to be modular. You can start with a single stage and pass the product through multiple times to remove your target compounds. This can help start your distillation line when there’s not enough funding for a multistage system. With the modularity kits we offer, as your business grows you can easily upgrade to a double stage to strip terpenes and cannabinoids inline, or even a 5 stage with inline decarboxylation, terpene stripping, 2 main body passes for ultra-high purity cannabinoids, and residue stripping to make sure you’re getting every drop of product possible. We can design your dream machine with unlimited stages of purification.

Want to take your scaling skills a step further? Download our guide today to take our tips with you on the go!

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