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The Art and Science of Rainlike Water™
  • Earlier seed emergence and higher germination
  • Stimulates plant vigor and root growth
  • Improves uniformity and density
  • Increased starch and protein production
  • Optimizes disease resistance
  • Increased nitrogen nodules/soil credits
  • Stronger stalks and bigger yields
  • Deeper wide-spreading root structure
  • Boost your bottom line with Magnation
Improve Water Quality with Better Electrons
This revolutionary physics-based water treatment is truly sustainable and efficient, replacing outdated methods of using chemicals to solve hard water issues by tranforming hard, saline and previously unusable water to high-quality, soft water that moves easier.
Water Conservation With Rainlike Water
Magnation transforms water into a softer, more vibrant water that offers the qualities & unique effectiveness of rain. Reduced surface tension (alleviating costly friction), & polarization keeps minerals from binding into problematic, hard water.
Non-toxic MineralScale Prevention & Removal
Eliminate toxic chemicals and maintenance with Magnation's water descaler.Magnation units will also reduce existing scale buildup once installed. As a chemical-free water descaler for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Flow, Pressure & Energy Savings
Magnation’s specialized magnetic field decreases surface tension, reduces friction and viscosity for faster and easier flow. Magnation customers have experienced a demonstrated reduction of 10 to 13.5% in pumping energy, coupled with 20% less water needed, for a total pumping energy savings of 12.5 to 16.9%.


  • Solve scale, corrosion, salinity, pH, TDS, iron bacteria and dozens of other challenges
  • Reduce friction, so less energy to pump more water, more flow, better pressure
  • No consumables, far less downstream maintenance


  • Reduces water needed for hydration, less drift, more range for pivots
  • Better germination, disease resistance, root structure
  • Improve soil health, soil permeability and water retention
  • Dramatic improvements in crop yield and in water usage



Recommended products for greenhouse, nursery and horticultural applications. Maximum water productivity for yourentire operation, not just for enhancing drip irrigation and watering. Rainbolt post-pump passive inline systems are recommended for all diameter pipes up to 4".


Aquabolt designed to solve extreme saline water. Static mixing with double Rainbolt magnetic treatments amplifies vortexing technology, invigorating and liberating previously bonded molecules for a more productive, active and life-giving water.


Seed Maximizer for improved seed germination with improved plant vigor and crop uniformity. Treatments with Magnation’s specialized field enhance seed vigor by influencing the bio-chemical processes that involve free radicals, and by stimulating activity of proteins and enzymes. Boost disease resistance and yields from the seed stage.


Transform your water quality with Magnation’s innovative localized Turfbolt to a more vibrant, productive and energized state. Eliminate dry spots and improve soil infiltration, improve moisture retention and boost soil health—resulting in better quality and denser, safer and greener product with 20% less water.


Magnation’s patented Turbulator conditions, corrects and transforms previously unusable saline water and high TDS water to a soft, productive and energized state, and is a sound solution for reducing energy and water requirements. Designed with ultra-boosted top-grade magnetic resonators in addition to leveraging the agitating and invigorating effects of turbulence, vortexing, rifling and geometry.


  • Sustainable water management
  • Productive polarized structured water has better electrons
  • Reduce irrigation by 20%
  • Use 30-50% less herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and wertting agents
  • Mineral scale control > save 20% energy
  • Enhance water infiltration and soil moisture retention
  • Uniform water distribution
  • Reduce parasites and molds
  • Improve root growth and plant vitality
  • Balance pH, calcium to magnesium ratios
  • Eliminate surface run-off, puddling, evapotranspiration and percolation
  • Stronger plant vigor > maximize yields


Improve Water Quality
Water Conservation
Mineral Scale Control
Solve Iron Bacteria
Flow, Pressure & Energy Savings
Better Crop Yield
Boost Plant Vigor
Improve Soil Health
Water Conservation for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Applications
Lower Operating Costs for Heating & Cooling, Processing, Manufacturing and More

Managing water is a growing concern for every industry. Reducing water use lowers the costs associated with operating and maintaining equipment, as well as the energy needed to heat, treat, store, and deliver water free of heavy TDS/minerals, algae, bacteria, or pathogens. It makes dollars and sense to get your water in prime condition for easiest handling and movement for the least amount of water quality stress before and during your operation.

Do More With Less Water. Zero Negative Impact.

Hard water is expensive. By mimicking nature through principles of physics, Magnation transforms water into a softer, more vibrant water that offers the qualities and unique effectiveness of rain. Rainlike water moves easier and faster with reduced surface tension (alleviating costly friction), and polarization keeps minerals from binding into problematic, hard water.

Magnation’s “Rainlike Water” mitigates all problems associated with hard water including mineral scale, biofilm & sanitation, solubility, energy, pressure and flow, and serious water conservation with zero chemicals, energy or maintenance and is backed by a 2-year satisfaction or money-back guarantee.


Water molecules1 bond together with minerals2 to form water molecule clusters3. Many are too large to enter the plant cell4. The Magnation Process5 breaks apart clusters6 into smaller, more bioavailable clusters7. The previously unusable hard water molecule clusters with previously high surface tension are now fully available to the plant, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells creating healthier yields and fewer nutrients are left behind to leach into our groundwater. The Magnation process also keeps larger clusters from forming, promoting mellower soils and preventing scale buildup.