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BioCulture Group, LLC

Serving farmers and growers that produce hemp, cannabis, speciality and high-valu


  • Crop Plant Health Care
  • (PHC)Cannabis Advisory and Management
  • Product Sourcing
Plant Health Care (PHC)
Plant health is vital to a successful year. Pests, Disease, poor soil, improper irrigation, and many others issues can threaten your entire crop. Bioculture offers plant health care services designed to monitor the health of your crop for proactive crop management decision making support.
Cultivation Advisory & Management
From seed, to soil, to sale - we offer complete advisory, planning, and farm management services. This customized service can be as simple as product sources to complete farm and crop management and anything in between.
Product Sourcing
The right inputs for hemp are a critical factor in the productivity, health, and CBD/THC content in a hemp plant. Bioculture group has access to the most beneficial soil & plant health inputs with proven ROI to hemp farms.
We have a variety of top-of-the-line soil amendment
products to improve soil and plant health. These
include silica dioxide, microbes, and other products​
We use biological pest control for pest menegment
We have tech solutions for greenhouse controls
and inventory management systems.


Hemp Genetics - Feminized Seed & Premium Clonal / Cutting Stock
Soil Amendments
Biochar & Composted Organic Matter
Microbes - Bacteria, Fungi & Protazoa
Probiotics & Growth Enhancers
Minerals & Nutrient Regimens
Irrigation Systems & Control
Sensors & Crop Enhancement Technologies
Planting Equipment
Harvesting Equipment
Drying Equipment
Cannabis Hemp Crop Advisory and Management Services
Our advisory covers a broad range of services we offer to clients.
  • On-site project & crop management
  • Financial modeling and projections
  • Soil healthy biology services
  • Cultivation strategic planning
  • USDA Organic Certification & State Compliance