Why Customer Support is the Biggest Selling Point this Croptober

As we prepare for what is now known as Croptober, we have outlined the 5 most important aspects of support to consider when choosing a partner for your processing needs.  

Customer Support

As a customer, you should feel supported through your entire experience. A trusted partner with experience will provide counsel and guidance to best optimize your process within your facility for your desired output.  This will ensure your investment is best fit for your end-product and will help avoid wasted time and capital.

Clients working with TruSteel get setup quickly and receive responsive support. We understand that time is money and this is why on every project our Project Managers walk through every step of the pre-installation process, organize important information into one central location, and ensure your project is managed efficiently to meet your deadlines. Expect from your Project Manager at TruSteel the following:

  • Process roadmap and online dashboard for your specific project
  • Pre-Installation manuals and checklist
  • Wiring and plumbing diagrams
  • Plumbing manifolds to ensure proper performance and efficiency
  • Operating manuals, SOPs, and Engineer Peer Reviews

Design Support

Whether you are new to the industry, the crop or the process, experienced extractors have an upper hand with design support. A tailored process for your desired end product and future goals will save you money before you even start.  Our engineers have on average 11 years of experience and have custom-designed dozens of systems for varying products at various scales. 

Work with our team to design a system that you know will work, get the support behind it that you need, and be dynamic enough to change with your process and business model!

Installation & Training

Always check your options! Installation can include video support, in person support and sometimes depending on the ease of installation, no support required. It is also important to know ahead of time if ancillary equipment, plumbing manifolds, critical connections, diagrams, and instructions are included for a complete installation as close to factory spec as possible. The installation, particularly the plumbing for heating and cooling lines if not done properly, can dramatically reduce the efficiency and throughput of evaporators and distillation equipment. Clients that work with TruSteel have 99% of the work already done for them and get the install done right the first time, rather than being left alone to figure it out themselves and hoping it’s correct.

Running your equipment for the first time is a critical moment and proper training for your team will ensure your success. On this day with TruSteel, you will have a whole team behind you to make sure you are completely taken care of. This is important because everyone’s process is usually a little different. The extraction method, differences in biomass, solvents used, preferred temperatures all play a factor in the end product. Our team takes care in tailoring your system specifically for your process, ultimately leaving clients extremely happy with the end product they are producing and increasing the longevity of the investment they’ve made in TruSteel.

Performance Guarantee

Is your provider willing to stand behind its claims? Obviously, a performance guarantee is a game changer for you and a risky proposition for the provider (that’s only if they’ve got something to be worried about).  With today’s wild claims from many others, you need a partner that will not only stand behind their product and system, but your process and output, because that is directly tied to your return on investment. Our technicians stay with your team getting to production and then help define the operating procedure to meet or exceed guaranteed performance rates, getting our clients some of the fastest returns!

Maintenance Program 

Maintenance Programs are focused on preventing down-time, increasing efficiency, lowering costs over time, and ensuring the value of your equipment. All tiers offered by TruSteel include benefits such as:

  • Equipment inspection
  • On-site maintenance
  • Extended warranties
  • Re-training
  • Re-qualifying operating and installation (IQ/OQ)
  • Discounts on future products or replacement parts. 

Keeping your investment running efficiently and your operation running smoothly is important to your business success.  Having your partner side-by-side with you for ongoing maintenance and support will pay dividends to your bottom line.

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