AG – Optimists

AG-Optimists, LLC

Optimizing Botanical Extractions from Seed to Oil

AG-Optimists manufactures USA Made UL/CSA Extraction Chillers and designs fully integrated extraction systems for the production of the highest quality cannabis and botanical extracts.

Who Are We?

At AG-Optimists, we offer the machinery and equipment you need to get the best results. 

Whether you need cannabis extraction equipment or oil extraction equipment for other botanicals or fluid chillers, we have the durable, reliable options and solutions you need. 

We have brought together 50 plus years of experience in product development and manufacturing process optimization with stream-lined certifications. 

AG-Optimists is dedicated to helping you choose the right machinery to ensure you can get the job done and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure you achieve your growth objectives. We are uniquely positioned as both an equipment manufacturer and an engineering firm.

Relying on our experience, our creative product development process, and manufacturing expertise, we will work together to realize your vision.

Optimize Your Extraction Yields

Reliable capacity at temperatures as low as -80C ensures precise potent distillates leaving behind plant particles.

World Class Custom Capabilities

One size does not fit all.

AG-chills expert engineers will create the solution that is ideal to your application.

Shortest Industry Lead Times

Our standard low temp chillers are ready to ship. 

Our engineering team will design & build a custom solution to fit your unique needs quickly.

Smart Chillers With Beacon

AG-Chill helps you bridge the gap between you and your equipment with Beacon smart controllers. 

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